Tire change

Tire change is a professional handwork, that increases your sense of safety, extends the life of your car and tires.

Veljedeoutlet makes various tire works. Tire works means: tire mounting, balancing, storage, cleaning of wheels, tire repairs. We recommend to check the bolts after mounting after 100 km.

Price list for products and services in Tallinn:


Tire repair kit – 9.90 eur/pcs
Wheel-balance weights — 5 euros/100 g. (sticky weights black / white, with stones)
Lug nut lock – 35-60 euros / set(different lengths, with different thread steps, normal and dark, bolts and nuts)
Centering rings – 12 euros / set(plastic and aluminum, all sizes)
Flanges for wheels – 40-160 euros / set(universal and special)
Caps for wheels –5-35 euros / pcs.(various options)
Valves for wheels – 3.5-15 euro / pcs.(short or long, rubber or metal, with chrome caps)

Cost of tire change

Complete tire change, 13 “-16” iron wheels – 26 euros
Complete tire change, iron wheels 17 “-18” – 35 euros
Complete tire change, iron wheels 19 “- 40 euros
Complete tire change, alloy wheels 13 “-14” – 30 euros
Complete tire change, alloy wheels 15 “-16” – 35 euros
Complete tire change, alloy wheels 17 “-18” – 45 euros
Complete tire change, alloy wheels 19 “- 50 euros
Complete tire change, alloy wheels 20 “+ – 55 euros
Complete tire change includes: tire replacement, balancing, removal and installation on the car.

For change RunFlat tires is added — 7.5 euro / tire.

For tire change on commercial vehicles / SUVs is added — 10 euros/tire

Other tyre services

Installation of a special cord in the tire– 5 euros
Installation of a patch in the tire (tire change cost not included) – 15 euros
Internal repair of tires (cost of a patch is not included) – 15 euros / pcs.
Wheel balancing –from 4 euro / pcs. Valves – 2 euro / pcs.
Replacement of valves – 8 euros
Storage of tires and wheels – 20 euro / season
Tires studding, cars up to 18 “– 10 euros
Sticking tires / wheels – 10-15 euro / set
Cleaning wheels – 10 euros
Straightening wheels –from 35 euros / pcs.
Painting / restoration of discs – from 200 euro / set
Washing of discs– 10 euro / set

You can buy new or used wheels for your car through our e-shop - wheels.

To book a tire change time, please contact our customer service.

Booking a time to change a tire
Tel: (+372) 53540737

The prices of individual works are calculated according to the price list or by agreement.

Veljedeoutlet is not responsible for the customers belongings left behind on the territory of the car repair service! In season time on the weekend and outside worktime are the prices on the works 1.5 time more higher.