Wheel price
In the advertisement the price of the wheel is indicated in the piece price (pcs). The price is quoted in euros. Please read the Purchase Terms on our website before purchasing.

Wheel location
Vesse Warehouse or Vesse Brother is located at Vesse 4, Tallinn (Vesse Representative Office). A wide selection of seasonal tires and wheels are available at Vesse.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9am to 7pm; L-P: Closed. (To be specified in contacts, this will change depending on whether or not the tire change season is active.)

Warehouse - the location of the rim is another warehouse, which is usually transported to the Vesse office within 1-2 working days. Goods are not received from the warehouse, either at the dealership or by transportation to the customer.

When ordering 2 days  – the order is 2 working days.

When ordering 3 days  – the order is 3 working days.

When ordering – specify with the seller how long the goods will be delivered to Estonia. E-mail address: info@veljedeoutlet.ee

Note! These are available at the same time as the third party (Cargobus, DPD, Schenker, Venipak, curator) Например, если срок заказа дисков составляет 2 рабочих дня, то срок доставки курьером составит 1-2 рабочих

Quantity of wheels
You can check the quantity of wheels on the product sheet, for example 2 pcs.

Does tire price include tire change?
The wheel price does not include tire work. The tire price list is on the rim website.

Does tire price include tire change?
The wheel price does not include tire work. The tire price list is on the rim website.

Is it necessary to make a prepayment for ordering the wheels?
Yeah. If desired, the customer may pay in installments. For example, you pay 50% of the amount before ordering the goods and the remainder when you arrive. If the customer wants the goods to be delivered home by courier service, the full amount must be paid before shipment.

Can I pay my courier bill?
The courier will not be billed.

Shipment of goods outside Estonia
We ship the goods across Europe with DPD courier service.

Wheel reservation
Rims can be booked on a prepayment basis. In general, when buying goods, the rule is - first come first served.

What happens if the ordered item is out of stock?
If for any reason the product is out of stock, we will contact you by telecommunication (via e-mail or telephone)requested by e-mail. ) and agree on the replacement of the ordered product with an equivalent product or a refund.

Does Veljedeoutlet have a representation in Tartu?
No it is not. The company has its registered office in Tartu, but its representative offices are in Tallinn (Vesse 4). In the near future, there may be more representations all over Estonia, see contact information.

Wheel selection
The selection of wheels is available at www.veljedeoutlet.eeFor more information, specify the location of the rim (Vesse or on request). Price quotation for new alloy wheels can be requested by e-mail..

Replica wheels
The selection of Replica alloy wheels is available HERE.

Do we sell a single rim from the kit?
We sell except replica.

What size wheels and tires are appropriate for a particular car?
By entering car details (make, year of manufacture, model and selecting engine capacity) at the Internet address, you can see the tire and wheel details of the vehicle. Table of dimensions